Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing Fresh Bites

Well, here we go... my first blog entry. Now that I've read countless blogs, blog reviews and tips on writing blogs - there's nothing left to do but blog! For some reason I feel nervous. I'm not a shy person, that's not what's been keeping me from putting myself out there. It's the writing that makes me nervous. Writing is not a talent of mine by any stretch, however speaking - now that's something I've never seemed to struggle with.

Besides never running out of things to say, I should tell you a little more about myself. The most important things in the world to me are my family, friends and food. I went to culinary school and since have run my own catering business. When I'm home, the food network is on in the background, I almost exclusively surf the net for recipes and food trends, and at night when I go to bed, I curl up with one of my favourite cookbooks (as opposed to a novel like most normal people).

That being said, this blog is meant to be an open conversation amongst those who love all things food. I hope that over time, I will be able to share recipes, tips and tricks of the trade, and culinary experiences with both; local food markets and international travel. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories on everything discussed at Fresh Bites!


  1. Hi your first blog! You should add a link to your website.

  2. Shelby this is great!

    I've recently started cooking regularly myself and I have to admit I have the equivalent of acute tone deafness when it comes to understanding the interplay between flavours. For example, I have now learned the hard way that tandoori and soy sauce are two flavours that should never meet one another, especially in large quantity within a veggie and tuna stirfry. That experience was a setback for sure but I didn't want to give up or stop experimenting. SO. Last night I mixed a number of specialty spices in my stirfry and swapped the tandoori for butter chicken (and used chicken instead of tuna). It was officially the first meal I've ever been really proud of! I even managed to add nuance and character with ingredients like avocado and steamed brussle sprouts. The point, I think, is that I now see that cooking can be greatly rewarding.

    In fact, I can now appreciate that it is really an artform. In reading some of my favourite philosopher, Daniel Dennett, I discovered a great food blog post that he selected to be in the top three of a philosophy blog competition. It argues that cooking should be officially classified as one of the arts!

    Looking forward to reading more!